As i stated in my last post, I have just really finished a major collaboration with 2 great artists Illustrator Nuno da Costa & photographer/ filmmaker Dan Lowe.

As I said, Nuno’s illustration fired me into a new period of creativity, inspiring my latest collection Renascimento Rose. Of course in a visual art form and in our increasingly image driven world everyone’s work has to be captured and presented in all the platforms we access.

Dan has been key in interpreting the results and rendering the visual palette for the website he has created. He is fundamentally OCD by his own admission, but anyone who works to detail is. I am plagued by it to an extent, but because i have rejected the precision of traditional fine jewellery for more artistic freedom i am fascinated by Dan’s pursuit of visual perfection. He is a joy to be around. His command of digital visuals is impressive – but his love for large format film is inspiring.

The images he created for the shop site are clean and beautiful, but his inspiring set shots for the collection hero shots are bloody amazing. The painterly quality of the roses for the new collection are renaissance in their beauty. The swirling inks behind my Tattoo Swallows – inspired. He even managed to polish the proverbial with his portrait of me. The website is a monument to his creativity – this man is set for big things- i look forward to witnessing it. Check out his site- & of course Nuno’s at & all the amazing talent at

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