I have just really finished a major collaboration with 2 great artists Illustrator Nuno da Costa & photographer/ filmaker Dan Lowe. I say finished but as with all great collisions of minds and skills I am sure the process will evolve and develop further. Nuno is an old friend and has been represented by my wife Victoria forever. He has developed into a fashion illustrator and more in the years we have been friends, and he is on a par with the esteemed David Downton. His work is stunning – have a look http://www.illustrationweb.com/artists/NunoDaCosta/view I marvel at his command of traditional drawing skills and materials. His illustration for me based on my brief inspired my latest collection Renascimento Rose. It literally fired me into a new period of creativity, inspiring me to return to my roots as a solo creative jeweller. The images are a fusion of Dan Lowe’s work as a photographer and Nuno’s line drawings- oh and the jewels inspired by the collaboration. Dan has been key in interpreting the results and rendering the visual pallette for the website he has created. I am blessed by the association. I will focuss on his contribution in my next blog – but here’s a taster through his site- http://danlowe.tv/

Nuno main pendant on sketchAsymetric earrings on Nuno SketchSwallow Bangle on Nuno Sketch

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