Terms and Conditions


The vast majority of rings are hand-made, so please be aware that they may not always look exactly the same as the images on the website. If this causes concern, then please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

We do not Photoshop our products, what you see is as close to the products actual appearance as the lens allows.


We strive to ensure we supply all rings in the weights if specified on the item page. Each ring is unique and as such each ring will be considered suitable if they are within an acceptable trade tolerance, i.e. if the weight is within 5% for items over 1.5 grams and within 0.2g for each item below 2 grams.


We endeavour to ensure that all our prices are clearly displayed and that there are no hidden extras. The final amount payable will always be shown at the check-out before payment is made. By placing an order throughout website, you are offering to buy the ring at that price. In the event of human error or malfunction in our website technology, the prices on the site do not commit us to a sale. In the event of a customer having purchased an item online at the incorrect price, we reserve the right to return the amount paid in full and cancel the purchase.

Please note that generally we do not issue discount vouchers. If in any circumstance, we do these cannot be used with sale items or sample orders. In the event that a voucher code is used for a sale item, your order will be processed without the discount or cancelled. Only one discount code can be used for each order.

We change our loyalty reward codes regularly, and cannot be held responsible for the expiration of a discount code found online. Only one discount code can be used for each order.


We believe in the quality of our products and will correct any manufacturing defaults during the first 12 months. A ring will not be considered to have a manufacturing default if it shows scratches more quickly than anticipated, with no exceptions. Even the most tough metals may show wear and tear from contact with everyday objects. We strongly advise you to insure all high-value items, especially those with diamonds.

We will not replace a dislodged or lost diamond free of charge, diamonds are the hardest natural material known to man and can work themselves loose from precious metals.

Customers should have the security of their stones checked on a regular basis to avoid lost stones. We are happy to do so either in our studio or at the customer’s expense via post.


You will receive a full sales invoice for your purchase, which most insurance companies will accept as a valuation for the item. We can provide other documentation by prior request, and may on occasion charge for this service.

We advise that all jewellery is insured against damage.

Third Parties

Your guarantee and 30 days returns policy is invalidated if you allow a third party to resize or otherwise work on a piece of jewellery we have made for you.

Delivery and Ownership of Goods

As we make all our rings to order we are only able to give estimated due dates. This is because we have to be prepared for all eventualities within the manufacturing process. Although rare, when delays occur, they are not usually more than a day or so and we will always update our customers should we experience any changes to their estimated due date as soon as we are made aware of them.

We use the Royal Mail Special Delivery (next day) service which means that items sent by us are fully insured until delivered and signed for. http://www.royalmail.com/personal/uk-delivery/special-delivery

After that they are the customer’s responsibility. We strongly advise customers to use this service in the event of sending any valuable items in the post either to us or any third party.

Recorded delivery should never be used for sending jewellery.

Never mark any parcel with the words “precious” or “jewellery”

Only address returns to “Johnny Rocket” never “Johnny Rocket Jewellery”

Always ensure the parcel is insured for the value of the items being returned. Royal mail insures up to £2500 but you must state the value and pay accordingly

If you require your purchased goods to be delivered by an alternative courier to that of the Royal Mail, you may be liable to an additional postage charge. We do not charge for sample packages being returned to us if they are lost, damaged or delayed where the correct postal service was used and the sender has provided proof of posting.

Any item received by a customer without us first receiving full payment remains our property until all monies have been received.

Cancellations and Refunds

We offer a cooling off period so you can cancel your order and/or return your ring up to 30 days from the date of dispatch or collection if it is not as expected. This includes any statutory cooling off period. If you wish to cancel your order during manufacture or return it for a refund, please contact us either by telephone or email. The purchaser will not be refunded any relevant shipping or express manufacture costs and will be responsible for returning the ring to Johnny Rocket Jewellery Ltd.

The item must be received back in its original condition, with all original documentation where applicable. Refunds and exchanges may be subject to fees where the item shows any evidence of wear and tear and we reserve the right to not accept an item back for refund or exchange if it shows excessive wear and tear (even within the 30 day returns policy).

Items will not be accepted back for refund or exchange where there is evidence that a 3rd party has worked on the item.

Refunds and exchanges will not be authorised for bespoke items, engraved items, shaped rings and rings. We do not have a 30 days cooling off period for individually created or bespoke items.

All items will usually be subject to administration/stocking charges.

We will also not refund if it is evident that more than one ring was purchased with the express intention of choosing between them and returning one for a refund (see below).

Refunds will be made by the original method of payment.

In some cases, we will contact you before we manufacture a ring, to discuss what we can do to ensure the ring will be suitable and therefore not returned. This is especially likely if the item is of high value, e.g. a full eternity ring.

Johnny Rocket reserves the right to exclude items from the 30-day refund policy, and will always contact you prior to manufacture if this is the case.


We are willing to exchange one standard item for another, plus or minus any price difference and P&P, as long as the ring is received back and the exchange details are finalised within 30 days from when the first ring was dispatched.

A standard item is any item available from our website which has not been customised in any way.

Bespoke jewellery, engraved items or special orders can only be exchanged at our discretion and subject to any agreed charges.

If you simply want the same item but with a different size, please follow the resizing procedure.

Please also note that we will not exchange or replace rings that have been damaged by the wearer.

Festive Season

As we are aware that the jewellery we sell may be for gifts or seasonal weddings, we are happy to extend our normal 30-day returns period over Christmas. Items bought in December can therefore be returned up until 31st January. Normal exceptions to the returns policy apply.

Hallmarks and Certification

As a member of the British Hallmarking Council, Johnny Rocket is an avid supporter of the United Kingdom’s 600-year-old independent consumer protection system. Therefore, all our precious jewellery is hallmarked by an independent British Assay Office (usually London Assay Office).

We at all times attempt to use recycled or ethically sourced precious metals.

All single-stone diamond rings that are 0.50 carat or more come with a gemological certificate from one of a number of different internationally recognised gem testing laboratories. We will also certify center stones of other rings that are 0.50 carat or more. We can certify diamond accessories or the side stones of other items by prior request and will normally add a surcharge for this service.

Our diamonds are conflict-free.We at all times attempt to use recycled or ethically sourced precious and semi- precious coloured stones.

Specific Coatings

Specific items of jewellery in our collections have specialist colour coatings, for example Yellow & rose gold plating or black & white rhodium. These are electroplated metal colouring agents used to change or enhance the basic metal colour. Whilst these are hard applied they are thin coatings of up to the trade standard of 20 microns and will eventually wear through.

The rate of wear depends on use and on variations in the acidity of client’s skin ph. This varies from person to person and this should be considered when ordering a plated item.

Items such as earrings and necklaces generally fare better than rings or bracelet / bangles due to being in less aggressive areas of wear.

Rings should not be worn every day, except at your own risk.

We provide guidance on how to look after these items to maximise their durability, but cannot monitor whether or not people follow this advice. For this reason, we cannot take responsibility for any deterioration in the plating after two months from when we dispatch the ring. We can replate the item for a charge equivalent to the cost to us. We will not make any exceptions to this two-month limit.

Solid precious metal items are better able to cope with such conditions, but naturally are more expensive than a plated item.

Ring Resizing

Some kind of rings cannot be resized, so please read this information carefully and be sure of your ring size before purchasing.

Please note: We generally do not resize by just half a size, as the difference will be barely noticeable. Resizing full eternity rings can cost up to £100.00, and in some cases, not possible, so please contact us if you are not 100% sure of your ring size. The resizing of special offers or sale rings will be agreed/charged on a case-by-case basis.


If you wish your ring to be resized, please return it to us with a cheque made out to Johnny Rocket Jewellery Ltd – see below for costs. Please include a copy of your receipt that was sent with your order letting us know your name, order number and the new size required. Please also ensure you enclose the correct return address as we will not be responsible for any address mistakes and subsequent losses.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Rings which have been laser or hand engraved in the process, will mean the ring cannot be resized or exchanged, so please do be sure of size before ordering or requesting engraving. The best way of determining your size is by using our ring size device or to have your size independently checked at a reputable jeweller.

Please note: We generally do not re-size by just half a size, as the difference will be barely noticeable. Resizing full eternity rings can cost up to £85.00, or sometimes not be possible so please contact us before ordering your real ring if you are unsure of your finger size at all.

Typical Costs

Plain wedding ring – £20

Decorative wedding ring – £30

Diamond-set wedding/eternity ring – Dependent on design

Zirconium ring – £30

Engagement ring – £30

Comfort beads on the inside of a ring- these are usually the best alternative solution to ring resizing where the clients knuckle is larger than the finger. They are like small speedbumps (pallions) of the same precious metal as the ring laser welded into place. These hold up tight to the soft part of the finger ensuring a more comfortable fit of what would be a loose annoying ring fit. POA.

Like many reputable jewellers Johnny Rocket Jewellery Ltd use a leading edge (as opposed to centre) measurement for the majority of our rings. If you think this will affect your choice of which size to order, please contact us for advice.

Please note that your guarantee is invalidated if you allow a third party to work on the item that we have made for you. If an item is altered by a third party, we are not liable to reimburse the customer for the cost unless this has been agreed in advance.

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